The Beginning

Bruno Vanzan started his career at the age of 18. His dream was to become one of the world’s greatest bartenders. He began working in a coffee bar that put him through the wringer, in the outskirts of his home town, Rome. “For the first eight months the only thing I had to do was cleaning. I made my first cocktail one year later”. Following his father’s advice, he decided to attend some training courses during which he thought he was good, but in reality wasn’t. “I was the worst student in my class”. Stubbornness and tenacity pressed him to study more and more, train in flair bartending, taking a break from his friends and partying. Bruno started to travel and worked in many different cocktail bars in order to learn and improve his own cocktail-know-how. Anyway, his greatest passion, flair bartending, led him to compete from an early age.

The competition

In 2006 Bruno took part in his first competition. In 2008 he received the Bacardi and Martini World Champion award. In 2010 he was among the top 10 bartenders in the world. He travelled to Africa, the USA, across all European countries and even travelled to Asia. In 2015 he became the World Flair Association runner up. WFA is the world’s largest association of flair bartending. In 2016 he also received the best cocktail award at the IBA world championship in Japan, an award which made him one of the most important bartenders in the world. More than 150 competitions, 78 international victories, an impressive number of 112 awards.

“I made cocktails my life”

The Person


Small, haughty and proud of his battle scars.
We are speaking of the flair world champion Bruno Vanzan, thirty years old, born in Rome and adopted by the city of Milan.

When he was young, Bruno went to the Air Force Academy like his father wanted, but he did not like it at all. Later, he started serving espressos and cappuccinos in a small bar in Trastevere, developing a passion for bartending day after day. A stated goal at the age of 17, first courses in 2005, the first competition in Rome four years later.

He is messy and continuously late. He has a broken tooth from a tin and a dozen finger fractures that someday he will eventually treat.

There are those who saw him becoming the champion of the world in 2008 in the Savoy territory. Later, he chose to go to Africa where he would stay for one year and where he worked 15 hours a day. Before leaving, he was robbed of everything (€60,000 according to the editor’s note) by those who don’t respect the law and have no qualms because justice is a luxury. He went back to Italy but life gave him another opportunity: he flew to Las Vegas where being good is not enough, as you must be the best.

He did a try-out, a sort of audition: this is no small thing for somebody like him, who had learnt English by living in Africa and listening to songs. Everything went well. Bruno provisionally went back to Italy to compete. He sent by post what was needed for his visa renewal to the same friend as usual, with whom he had also shared bits and pieces of his life experience.

However, life put him to the test once again: a swindle, not the first (but we hope the last), vanished money, a friend who doesn’t deserve to be called friend, and the final choice of staying in Italy.

In 2010, he became the Trainer of Planetone, the most important bartender school. Life, sometimes, chooses to give you back what once it had taken away from you: in 2010 Bruno Vanzan finally took part in the WFA Black List. Usually black is not a lucky colour, but this is not the case: it indicates the triumph of a person who enters the world top 10 thanks to his own sacrifice and victories. 

In 2012, he became Benedetta Parodi’s faithful partner in the cooking TV show called “I Menù di Benedetta”, 190 episodes which made Bruno the first bartender of Italian television.

In 2014, Bruno, together with the judges of Top DJ –a talent show that aired on Sky 1 for two years– became the protagonist of the bar break moment of the show.

In 2015, he became the new face of BarGiornale and Mixer, the two most important Italian beverage magazines.

The epilogue: 37 international victories and more than 150 competitions in 40 different countries.

The TV Personality

cocktail house


From 22nd to 26th of August 2016: the show in which he collaborated with the chef Alessandro Borghese was broadcasted at 8 pm.
From 26th  August 2016, Monday-Friday: the show went on air in the late evening.

Thanks to his innate passion, he was able to become an actual celebrity with thousands of followers. From Monday 22nd August he started disclosing his secrets about preparing a perfect cocktail at home. Using both professional and common tools, he revealed 40 cocktail recipes to make a drink in a few minutes that would be worthy of the trendiest bars of the moment. Furthermore, in every episode Vanzan shows the art of flair bartending, the practice of manipulating bottles in innovative and aerobic ways while preparing drinks.

Written and created by Level33 and AB Normal. With the participation of Martini&Rossi, Volare and Antica Sambuca Classic, Re’al, Febal Casa and Beko Elettrodomestici.