Cocktail & Flair

Cocktail World Champions IBA 2016

The International Bartenders Association, founded on 24th February 1951, in the Saloon of the Gran Hotel in Torquay, England, is a bartenders’ organisation.

An important role of the association consists of selecting the best cocktails in order to sanction an official list available to all bartenders from all over the world.

The IBA has been organising the most prestigious bartenders’ competition for 65 years. The destination for 2016 was Tokyo, Japan, where Bruno Vanzan triumphed over his competitors with his cocktail called “SUSHI MARTINI”. He received not only the “BEST COCKTAIL OF 2016” award, but also won the DNA 2016 cup (best inspiration/cocktail name) thanks to his innovative recipe in which Wasabi and Osomaki were the main ingredients.

A real triumph that made Bruno Vanzan part of the world bartender Hall of Fame.

Flair Bartending Show

The word FLAIR means ability, talent, style and elegance and it doesn’t necessarily need to be associated with bartending. As a matter of fact, in English we can also use the expression “flair in sport” to refer to somebody talented in sports.

Apparently, the first bartender in the history of flair bartending lived during the 1800s. By that time, Jerry Thomas was considered an authentic showman in the United States.

It might sound weird that such a modern job has such ancient origins: Thomas actually was a forerunner, a sort of Christopher Columbus who discovered flair bartending way earlier than it could become a codified technique.

In this framework, Bruno Vanzan is a real specialist: he is active in around 400 FLAIR SHOWS in 35 different countries. He appeared onstage hundreds times and in front of thousands of people, going from the show with Bob Sinclair until the one with the chef Carlo Cracco.