San Carlo Aperitif setting free 2018

Six episodes for six spectacular aperitifs
Also this year the executive chef Roberto Valbuzzi and the world champion bartender Bruno Vanzan have unleashed the aperitif with Rustica® and created 6 new and exclusively-themed recipes. Watch the new videos and let yourself be inspired!


Elegance Aperitif

Boldness Aperitif

Lightness Aperitif


Equilibrium Aperitif

Passion Aperitif

Dynamism Aperitif

La Prova del Cuoco

Bruno Vanzan on the cooking show La Prova del Cuoco by Antonella Clerici for new cocktail and drinking trends: Bruno will teach his own real tutorials on how to prepare cocktails and drinks in his elegant and spectacular style in fancy locations. From a beach at sunset to a metropolitan terrace and a fancy bar: the main goal is offering, even in this case, some seasonal recipes which draw the ingredients from the kitchen and transfer them in a glass, creating essences, trends and tasty but low-alcohol drinks.

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Cocktail House 2

From 12th of June 2017 the second season of COCKTAIL HOUSE will be on air, an original production written and created by Level 33 and AB Normal for Sky 1 HD with the internationally famous bartender Bruno Vanzan.

From Monday 12th of June 2017 on Sky 1, Bruno Vanzan started disclosing his secrets about preparing a perfect cocktail at home. Using both professional and common tools, he revealed 80 cocktail recipes to make a drink in a few minutes that would be worthy of the trendiest bars of the moment.

San Carlo Aperitif setting free

A story that develops through an innovative communication concept aimed especially at young people: 6 videos of recipes and cocktails will be online on the San Carlo social channel and on the “Aperitivo all’italiana” website, offering many ideas and recipes for a delicious and appetising happy hour. On the website, all crisp lovers can apply for a contest and win an aperitif in their own house with Roberto Valbuzzi and Bruno Vanzan.

Launched by San Carlo in 1984, Rustica is a crunchy, tasty and lightly salted crisp, without any other additional flavours and that is why it is perfect for being combined with different ingredients. Only one crisp for an infinite number of recipes for a tasty aperitif between friends or for a personal relaxing moment.

Exotic Aperitif

Metropolitan Aperitif

By candlelight

Veggie Aperitif

Waiting for the finale

Last minute Aperitif

Cocktail House


22nd August 2016 was the date of the first preview of COCKTAIL HOUSE, a new original production written and created by Level33 and AB Normal for Sky 1 HD with the participation of the internationally renowned acrobatic bartender Bruno Vanzan.

A real celebrity in bartending with an innate passion and thousands of followers who will disclose his secrets about preparing a perfect cocktail at home from Monday 22nd August. Using both professional and common tools, he will show 40 cocktail recipes to make a drink in a few minutes that would be worthy of the trendiest bars of the moment.

Furthermore, in every episode Vanzan will show the art of flair bartending, the practice of manipulating bottles in aerobic ways while preparing drinks.

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Christmas for four

Four VIPs, four specialities, four Christmas parties, one competition to win the prize that will be given to charity. And for you lots of tips from the experts on how to organize a perfect Christmas party.

But who will the experts be?

Are you ready for an unforgettable party?

Christmas is served on Cielo channel!

The style icon Paola Marella will guide you through VIPs’ houses and propose to you a “Christmas Home Makeover” that would make even Santa Claus jealous! The flair bartender Bruno Vanzan will be judging the aperitif and will share his own Christmas cocktail recipes with you. The chef Alessandro Borghese will be the judge of the menu and will give you advice on how to add tastiness and tradition to your cooking. Finally, the master pastry chef Iginio Massari will be ready to disclose his secret for a perfect Christmas! In order to win the competition, all of them need to prove themselves not only in their own speciality, but also in the others’ and in the secret category called “The Magic of Christmas”.

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Benedetta Parodi

Bruno Vanzan brings cocktail to television by taking part in “I menù di Benedetta”, the famous cooking TV show aired on La7 Channel and directed by Benedetta Parodi.

130 episodes in which Bruno is the main character of his tutorials on how to prepare the most famous cocktail for any occasion, from aperitif to after-dinner and for the most important Italian festivities.

Chef in carriera

Menù finto ricco

Menù tutta polenta

Top DJ

It is the first and unique international DJ talent show.

Albertino, Stefano “Stylophonic” Fontana and Lele Sacchi are the three attested judges of the show who will decree the outcome of the competition and choose the new phenomenon of the DJ mixing console for 8 episodes every Tuesday at 10:45 pm on Sky 1 HD (channel 108) and free-to-air on Cielo (channel 26 of digital terrestrial television) every Wednesday at 11:00 pm from 8th April 2015.

More than 2,000 wannabe DJs from all over Italy answered the call for the second edition. Among them, 550 were accepted and could play their ace at the castings which were aired on the 7th and 14th of April 2015. On the other hand, a DJ was selected by the Casting Tour ft. SKYY Vodka during the nine scouting steps organized in Italian clubs.

Dance Graffiti

Pop Hits

Dj Heroes

Hip Hop